Findell Kennels & Steppenwolf Rescue

Findell Kennels & Steppenwolf Rescue


Showing, Rescue and Breeding to improve and improve the function of the breed.

Healthy Puppies with Healthy Appetites

We have been breeding and showing pure AKC Standard Miniature Schnauzers for over 40 years. Our dedication to the breed and to the health of our animals is second to none.

All parents have health, heart and optical (eye-health) checks annually by our veterinarian and veterinary ophthalmologist. We also ensure all our puppies  receive similar checks regularly and that initial vaccinations are complete.

Our puppies are eating well and socialized, ready for a great family home.


We DNA all dogs for genetic disorders and Breed our Miniature Schnauzers
twice a year.

Findell Kennels

Obedience Classes

Private Obedience Classes


Steppenwolf Kennels

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue

Rehabilitation, Training, Neutering/Spraying and Placing In Homes

Why Us?

We DO NOT Breed MIXED BREEDS, No funky colors, now odd sizes. Definitely no teacups (there is no such thing. We breed to the AKC Standard. We are members of local AKC clubs and our dogs are DNA’d for
genetic disorders and are clear. We groom, board, train dogs of all breeds.